No, EVs Don’t Help Auto Workers, Drivers, or Planet Earth

Nearly 13,000 striking UAW autoworkers at three plants in Michigan, Ohio and Missouri can blame their big free spending government electric vehicle obsessed political pals for much of their current job killing, wage deflation misery.

When their industry is forced to produce electric vehicles (EVs) that require less labor to build yet cost more due to reliance on expensive imported materials, are impractical for most drivers’ needs, and rely on profits from other vehicles that people like which are being regulated out of business, they should expect no less.

The same goes for those of us who are accustomed to the luxury and privilege of purchasing the exact sorts of vehicles we like and can afford, count on them getting us wherever we wish to go in all sorts of weather, and rely on when winter storms shut down power or escalating electricity bills caused by anti-fossil policies drain household and business budgets.

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